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Your Healthy Gut!

Healthy Eating / Fermented Foods PLR

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Are you looking for a way to attract buyers looking for solutions while simultaneously building your authority and income in the Wellness sector?

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Your Healthy Gut PLR


Massive Opportunity - Healthy Eating Standout Niche 

Your Healthy Gut Income Funnel


Hello PLR Friends,

Kater here from with another essential content marketing and income funnel for online entrepreneurs in looking for a hot niche in the healthy living market.  Full license Private Label Rights material.

This is the fourth installment to the phenomenally successful series for health and wellness entrepreneurs. This product, “Your Healthy Gut,” allows you to target a massively popular and evergreen niche – Healthy Eating. We’re also including a secondary product funnel on a topic showing growth in the natural health sector. This upward trending topic is in fermented foods.  

The theme for this release is “clean eating” – sometimes referred to as “clean foods” – with a side order of “fermented foods” for added nutrition and digestive health. 

High-end grocery stores are popping up all over and flourish because people are eager to pay more for whole foods aka clean foods. Farmers are finding they can transition to organic produce because the demand is growing. People are prioritizing fresh food over processed foods.

Just look at this trend graph for “clean eating” (blue) and healthy eating (red).


Fermented food consumption and interest is on the rise, too.  Why?  

Much of the processed food in the western diet is leading to health disorders which can be uncomfortable to downright crippling. Many health problems are  connected to nutritional voids. Depression, anxiety, obesity, acid reflux, chronic fatigue, bloating, menstruation problems, irritable bowel syndrome, atopic dermatitis, and allergies are all health disorders linked to what we put in out gut.  Moving away from processed, fast foods to “clean” whole foods can be life changing.  

People are looking for more information about fermented foods. And these people have income to spend on the things that will make them feel better, lose weight and have more energy.  Many fermented foods help restore the balance that has gone whacky in our digestive system. Check out the trend graph. 


People searching for solutions to help them stop painful or disabling conditions are attracted to natural cures and methods.  Your Wellness Income Funnel is ready for them filled with resources – and products to sell! 

This pack is designed to attract a highly targeted group of people eager to spend money on knowledge and products to help them naturally alleviate disorders directly connected to nutrition.  

Here are some keyword phrases I pulled together for these combos: clean foods, fermented, depression, acid reflux,  remedies, treatments, natural, and so on.


When I see the phrases “remedies” or “treatments” and “diets” used with health disorders I seek out Clickbank products, Amazon books and wellness merchants with affiliate programs to monetize. These keyword phrases are my cue that people are looking for solutions to buy.

The content team at PLR Pump has designed a complete income earning funnel designed to attract people looking for health solutions specific to healthy eating topics. 

Strengthen your reputation as an authority in the wellness industry while building a list of targeted buyers seeking solutions that show them how to embrace clean eating practices .  Once they trade their email for one (or both) of your lead generation reports you have a way to stay connected with them throughout the year. 

Now that you understand the demand and opportunity in this niche, let’s take a peek at the framework of Your Healthy Gut Income Model.


The Wellness Income Funnel consists of four layers of marketing content including book reviews, short reports, articles, HTML squeeze pages, lead gen & product banners, tweets, Facebook and Pinterest images, resources, and handy Rolodex file of programs available to affiliates. 











All articles AND reports are web publishable.  If you prefer to use the reports as published web content instead of as a lead gen or product to sell that is allowed in the license (the license details are at the bottom of this page.)











OK, Kater, How much is this going to cost me?

Great Question! I was hoping you would ask. First, let me review the product contents, the cost to create and what you would pay for them if you purchased each module separately at retail price from PLRPump.

Here is a checklist of all the products and their value.


BUT! You aren’t paying $227 today because I want you to to be overwhelmed by the value of what you get.  I’m releasing this complete product at a very special price.  

Now it’s your turn to take action and click the buy button to take ownership of your own Wellness Income Model. Yes, this is a dimesale and the price is increasing with each sale.

Your Healthy Gut PLR

To Your Success and Thank You!


Kater of

Your Healthy Gut PLR


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