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  • Proposals are deemed to be lovey-dovey and memorable for lifetime.

  • When it is the correct time to ask for a girl's hand.

  • True love is so deep, so rare and so cherishing.

  • A proposal can definitely become an extremely memorable moment in your and your beloved's life.


Dear Reader,

We know you are head over heels in love with her because there is no other reason for you to land on this page. You must be so preoccupied in her thoughts and she must definitely be giving you sleepless nights. Isn't? Okay, if she is THE girl and you want to utter those three most beautiful words to her, we'll help you build up that courage to walk to her and tell her that she's the one. We understand the jumpiness that builds up in your heart every time you think of proposing to her which is why we lend out a helping hand to you.

We present to you our thoughtfully designed eBook - Unique Romantic Proposal If you desperately want to pop the marriage proposal to your girl but are somehow unable to gather your guts to say it, then this book is for you! It has everything that an utterly troubled lover like you may be looking out for!

Falling in love is downright easy. So is preparing for one's marriage. The 'in-between' part however, is the mother of all grinds! There are some events in a person's lifetime that require thoughtful efforts and preparation. Popping a marriage proposal to someone you love is just one of them! You have to be at your communicative best! You should be oozing with self-respect and confidence. You should think out-of-the-box. At the same time, you should not go overboard. To be mindful of all these points in front of a person who makes you go weak in the knees can make anybody uneasy. If you can relate with all that we are talking out here, you must definitely catch hold a copy of Unique Romantic Proposal.

With inputs from those who have actually experienced such tight spots, this eBook contains quite a lot of healthy suggestions for a lover in a fix. The book is more of a guide for mommy's darling boys who want to leap out their whole heart in front of a girl. If you read the book carefully, you'll figure out the right TIME of proposing a girl, the right PLACE for proposing a girl and finally, the right WAY of proposing a girl. So, the book is definitely worth an investment.

This eBook also contains some interesting stuff for those who are looking out for unusual proposal ideas. We have included some wacky suggestions so that your proposal becomes a cherished memory for a lifetime! There are some out-of-the-box proposal ideas which you may give a shot to. So, basically, it has a lot of engaging and worthwhile stuff in this eBook.

I would like to add here that an overwhelming number of people have read and benefitted from this book. In fact, I got a mail from a young chap yesterday. He wrote that he could finally pick up the nerve to ask his sweetheart for marriage. It makes us so happy to hear all this from you, thanks a lot, it makes us gratified!



Here are some of the chapters that our e-book contains-

  • Take the untraveled road - some out of the box proposal ideas

  • Should you bring in a few friends or should it be between just the two of you?

  • Can the method of proposal alter the other party's decision?

  • When NOT to propose

  • When to propose - Timing is important!

  • Would the most unique proposal method charge you a handsome amount?


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We are sure that you would find the book so engaging that you would even recommend it to your near and dear ones.Considering the heavy demand for the book and limited stocks, we would recommend that you grab your piece soon!





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