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Affiliate Contest
Name: Backlink Rhino
Product: Backlink Rhino [onetime]
Seller: WP Resources
Start Date: 06/29/2017
End Date: 07/06/2017
Status: Active
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Contest Details:

Rank Hijack Affiliate Competition:

From 11am EST Thursday 29th June to midnight Thursday 6th July 2017

Over $2,200 Cash Up For Grabs

JV Prizes

1st: $ 1,000
2nd: $ 500
3rd: $ 300
4th: $ 150
5th: $ 75
6th: $ 50
7th: $ 45
8th: $ 40
9th: $ 35
10th $ 30

*NOTE: Yes, we do set a minimum for the JV Cash prizes, but if you don't hit the minimum you still get a 'pro rata' percentage of the prize based on the number of sales you do make, so no one walks away empty handed!!!
Min Front End Sales to Qualify for JV Cash Prizes: 150 for 1st place, 75 for 2nd, 45 for 3rd, 22 for 4th, 10 for 5th, 5 for 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th.

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1. Sending Spam.
2. Using cash rebates.
3. Using negative words such as ‘scam’ in any PPC or promotional campaign..
4. Please do not misrepresent our product/offer and follow any endorsement rules and regulations that are applicable both in the country where you are based and in the countries from which you are sending website traffic or advertising in.
5. Please do not use cookie stuffing.
5. Do not buy through your own affiliate link, if you want a review copy please get in touch.

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Position Name
#1 Andy Black
#2 Richard Madison
#3 Ukpabi Ugochukwu
#4 Mo Latif
#6 Han Fan
#7 Kurt Chrisler
#8 Tony Marriott
#9 Kevin Byrne
#10 Colleen Slater