The seller of this product has created this contest as an incentive to affiliates that promote. The bonus prizes listed on this page are to be paid by the seller. only provides the statistical data of affiliate sales and is not involved in the redemption process.

Funnel Affiliate Contest
Name: Affiliate Rebirth Contest
Product: Affiliate Rebirth
Seller: Greg Kononenko
Start Date: 2017-08-04 00:00
End Date: 2017-08-07 23:59
Status: Active
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Contest Details:

(No Minimums!)

Make the most sales from Friday Aug 4th 10:00am to Monday Aug 7th 11:59:59pm and win. All based on gross revenue through the funnel. All times in US Eastern.

1st: $1,000

2nd: $500

3rd: $300


Position Name
#1 James Renouf
#2 Paul Nicholls and Trevor Carr
#3 Mark Bishop
#4 Brendan Mace and Glynn Kosky
#5 John Gibb & Mo Miah
#6 Tom E and Stephen Gilbert
#7 Mike McKay & KME Byrne
#8 Stefan Ciancio
#9 Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine
#10 NextLevelPreneur