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Affiliate Contest
Product: FB Cash Method
Seller: Andrew Murray
Start Date: 2013-02-18 00:00
End Date: 2013-02-28 23:59
Status: Active
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Contest Details:

We will be extending launch until March 3rd at midnight.


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SUBEJCT: The story of the Centurion and the Jersey Girl
During the short time that the FB Cash Method has been
open, we have had some dramatic success stories.
In all my time as a networker, I have NEVER seen such a 
dramatic shift as what's going on right now.
We just had another marketer join the elite centurion
club.  That's somebody who makes 100+ personal sales.
And Michelle Branciforte Cruz did it all using the FB
Cash Method from her home computer in Staten Island.
(She's originally from Jersey!)
* NO list
* NO marketing budget
* NO website
* NO complicated trickery
Just using Facebook and the FB Cash Method.
Not only that, but she has put another 5 people
into her primary without even trying.
And has dozens of people checking out her primary
closely right now.
Imagine for a second how that feels.
Imagine how different her life would be if she had
said, "Oh, forget it.  This won't really work."
Imagine where her business would be without
this method.
She'd maybe be like you - searching frantically
for some magic marketing system online.
Probably buying into smoke and mirrors that
is complicated and difficult to implement.
Imagine the frustration if she had had only 6 leads
all week and zero sales.
There is a solution:
==> LINK
Ladies and gentlemen, the FB Cash Method will
disappear like Cinderella when the clock strikes
midnight in New York City on Sunday Feb 3rd.
After that time, I don't know if you'll ever be able
to get access to the FB Cash Method.
(Of course, once you buy, you will get lifetime
access - that's a given!)
So now it's time to step up take a step into
the future you know you deserve.
==> LINK
PS - And I know that someone who has not bought
and will be reading this email today will become one
our our next centurions.
And I wonder, if you're hungry enough, if you really
want it bad enough, if that next centurion is going
to be you...
Here's that link again.

FB Cash Method is crushing it.  Here are some stats from our in-house list:

30.4% conversion rate.  $7.99 EPC:





120 Units Minimum Sales - Anyone Can Win!
(Competition Runs From Feb 18th-Feb 28th)

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Subject: Free System Makes $5k in 14 days - My Student Speaks Out…


One of my MLMZing students recently made $5K in residual income

in less than 2 weeks.


...with a ZERO marketing budget

...and he'd NEVER had success in a home biz before

...using Facebook

...and a method that ANYONE can duplicate


Well, I got him to reveal his secret strategy LIVE!


==> LINK


We recorded over 6+ hours of content, plus a crazy

hour-long video on some advanced search stuff that is

totally Ninja styles!


And a PDF that gives you SPECIFIC phrases

and techniques that pull money from Facebook.


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Seriously, this just plain works.  We have dozens

of testimonials from people who had failed at



And they're making money with the FB Cash

method, just like Jerry.


==> LINK



Andrew Murray


PS - Here's the link to get access:


==> LINK

SUBJECT:  War Vet Suffering from PTSD Makes $5K on Facebook


You have to hear this guys story.

He went from 2 tours in Afganistan.

To being shot in the head in Boston...

To suffering from PTSD and attempting suicide...

To Making $5k in 14 days using Facebook.


Seriously, listen to Jerry in his own words - the video
is right there if you scroll down.



PS - This doesn't just work for Jerry, there are
reams of real people testimonials.

It's just that unique.




Subject: Everything you know about Facebook is wrong

It's amazing how when a new technology gets
released, people pretend to know what they are
doing and the flock just follows.

There are so many people who have opinions
about how to market on Facebook who don't
actually produce results.


Jerry Billett is different.

He made $5k in 14 days on Facebook.

-without a list
-without a marketing budget
-without any contacts
-with less than 200 friends


He proves LIVE how to recruit from Facebook.

And he has dozens of testimonials even from
people like Michelle who out-recruits him.

Can anyone do it?

You be the judge:




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Position Name
#1 Mack Mills
#2 Lowell Rempel
#3 Michelle Branciforte Cruz
#4 Stephen Gilbert
#5 Tara R Cummins
#6 Saqib Khan
#7 Steven Rachel
#8 Christian Suprean
#9 Camille Burrell
#10 Apple Daniels