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Free Lifetime Training When You Partner With Us!

We help business owners generate as many new leads as they can possibly handle and do so without spending a cent on marketing or advertising - Guaranteed!

How do we do that?????

We give them access to the world's first online coaching and world-class marketing system.

It's been so successful in helping them get immediate results that many of today’s top marketing consultants refer to it as the single, most powerful lead generation, client attraction and revenue-producing program ever created.

This program provides all the tools, resources and support they need to out-think, out-market and out-sell their competition.

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  • Unlimited Free $5,000 Educational Grants to Help You Persuade Prospects to Join
  • Complimentary VIP Lifetime Membership to our e-Learning Marketing Academy
  • Free Weekly Marketing Support Webinars and Re-Play's
  • The Secrets to Generating as many New and Unique Leads as you can possibly handle
  • We teach you how to position any business on the first page of Google and do so within a maximum of 60 days
  • 40% commission ongoing every month (not just one time) for as long as your referrals remain a member
  • Affiliate Banners, Links, Sales Letters, Emails, Messaging, and much more...

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We've received an unlimited series of educational grants from a major entrepreneurial investment group in the amount of $5,000 each that you can award to serious and dedicated small business owners who are currently looking to ramp up their marketing and need to generate more leads and quickly increase their cash-flow.

We give your referrals our proprietary marketing secrets that will generate all the leads their business can handle for free!

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3 Powerful videos reveal the instant lead generation strategies that can dramatically increase both revenue and profits for any small business in just 7 days.

We've created a series of 3 powerful lead generation marketing videos specifically designed to help your network of small business owners generate all the leads their business can handle and do so within 7 days of receiving them.

These presentations contain simple to understand, easy to apply, step by step, paint by numbers online and offline tactics that when implemented, have the ability to produce instant and dramatic revenue growth for any small business.

Any of your referrals that apply this information will see an immediate increase in their cash flow in just days.

Once they see these results for themselves, we want to help them create and implement a world class marketing program of their own using our revolutionary E-Learning Marketing System an online business school designed specifically to provide all small business owners with the tools, done for you resources and support they need to build a successful business.

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We believe by proving to them right up front that we can teach them proven and tested lead generation techniques that actually work, they will continue to let us help them build a market dominating business.

Besides, shouldn't every business that claims they have a marketing system that actually works be willing to step up and prove it before asking anyone to invest a cent in their program? We do!

If any business owner in your network will simply take the information we send them and apply it to their business, the revenue they will generate will more than pay for the investment in our program by a factor of ten. In short, every prospect will see a huge increase in their revenue BEFORE we ask them to invest in any of our services.

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We want them to experience first hand the cutting edge information that will enable them to out market and out sell their competition.

This program has been called the single, most powerful client attraction and revenue generating program available anywhere today.

The content and support they receive in this program is unmatched and simply off the charts.

And since we know that many small businesses in your network are hurting financially today, we found a way to offer them all the tools, strategies, resources and live support they need to become successful… for less than the cost of a daily coffee.

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If you decide to become one of our Affiliate Joint Venture Partners, we will extend to your members and on your behalf up to $5,000 in small business grant money we have just received from an entrepreneurial investment group whose mission is to help small business owners worldwide become successful.

We're going to credit you with arranging these grants on behalf of your network so you can pass them along to your members, prospects and clients as a gift from you to them.

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We also want you to share in the revenue from this program.

We've included a huge financial incentive for you personally as thanks for your partnership and for endorsing us to your members and database prospects.

But before you make such an important decision, we want you to check us out for yourself. We will provide you with a free lifetime membership just for partnering with us. Let us show you what this unbelievable system is all about and how it can benefit both you and your prospects and clients.

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Our E Learning marketing system is the most powerful and dynamic client attraction program ever created.

We created this program to provide your prospects and clients with the perfect combination of done for you marketing resources, tools and live support to help them overcome any financial distress they're presently experiencing, learn the strategies they need to immediately generate more leads and attract more clients, get laser focused on their highest income producing activities, develop & then apply the proven marketing fundamentals that build multimillion dollar businesses and gain direct access to top marketing experts through weekly Group Coaching sessions.

Our online system and the done for you resources and tools are a total game changer for your clients.

The price for this program is less than a cup of coffee per day for your referrals and absolutely FREE for you.

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To Your Sucess! See you on the inside!
Dr. Karl Ruegg - The Business Doctor (Published Author)