Product: WP Optimiser Agency License Recurring payments


50% on 1st Payment, 10% on remaining Payments

Sales Funnel: The product is part of a sales funnel which includes up to 9 other products.

AFFILIATE CONTEST: See the Affiliate Contest

Vendor: Chris Hitman John & David - Trusted Expert

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It's Me

Hi JVs

This is a rebill product... you are welcome to promote it - please bear in mind a new version of this product  will be avaiable in April 2019 where there may be contests, different funnel products & different commission incentives

You will get 50% across the board on all products in the funnel



With recent Paypal changes all affiliates will go on delayed - we aim to pay all known affiliates within 30 days & all affiliates on 60 days


Best of Luck with Your Promo, don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything :)


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Affiliate Terms

no.png Don't create any addons for our product to use as a "custom bonus"

no.png Don't make false statements about our products

no.png You can't spam, bribe, cash rebate or make any financial claims

no.png You must not use any negative words such as "scam" or "fake"

no.png You can't use cheap traffic sources such as adfly, pop overs/unders

no.png You must not mail where subscribers can't unsubscribe

no.png You can't create "" or any such similar sites

no.png One click one sale commissions may be revoked.

yes.png Your promotions must be FTC, CAN SPAM ACT & JVzoo compliant

yes.png You must keep at least 15% of sales in your Paypal account to allow for refunds

Please note we can't pay you commissons if you don't have a Paypal account & delayed affiliates will be paid after 60 days allowing for PP Credit Card & Stripe refunds...

We reserve the right to terminate affiliate accounts with excessive refunds, charge-backs & complaints.


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