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This is a very easy offer to promote. Everybody likes infographics and everybody needs the traffic that they can generate. We have put together a package of 96 templates that can be handed off to an outsourcer with ease.

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Hey {firstname},

You need traffic. Viral image sharing can build BIG traffic. Pinterest has proven that with their 70 million plus users.


You need TARGETED traffic. You're not going to get that by sharing photos of kittens playing hide and seek with babies.

You need images with real usable information pertaining to your niche. But if it's boring, it'll never work.

The most compelling, interesting and easy-to-digest factual images out there are INFOGRAPHICS.

Infographics depict facts, figures and trends in a visual way that gets absorbed by the brain better than any dry text would. They're fun to look at, they're informative and they DO get shared due to the value of the information they contain.


They're a pain to create. They can take hours, even days to make, if you're starting from scratch.

GOOD NEWS... You don't have to start from scratch anymore.

INFOGRAPHIC ELEMENTS is a collection of 32 customizeable infographic templates (in 3 colors each, so 96 in all!). Each template is unique and jam-packed with the graphics that infographics MUST have.

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Load one of these templates up in an app like Adobe Illustrator and you'll be whipping up a pro-quality infographic in no time.

Don't have Illustrator/graphics skills/time/desire to do it yourself? Most of the work is done, you'll easily be able to find a cheapy graphics worker on Fiverr or elsewhere to adjust your template to your desired results. Easy and cheap. They even have a video showing you how.

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When you see the quality of these templates, you'll think they're expensive...


You'll find they're less that $20.

That's crazy for professional quality templates like this, you should grab your set now before the price rises.

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Maybe you can’t justify a full-time graphic artist in your business, but the guys behind these templates can. They have graphic artists on staff creating graphics every day for them. Take advantage of their artists for your own gain!

Have a fantastic day :-)

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