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This software is a gigantic swipe file containing fill in the blank copy, like headlines, subheadlines, openings, bullet points, closes, guarantees, copy doodles and much more. Best suited to easily write sales letters or optin pages.
  • Gigantic swipe file with Fill In The Blank templates to write "killer" copy...
  • Thousands of professional written headlines, openings, closes, postscripts and more...
  • Includes a 10 step sales letter template, a sales letter checklist plus 3 free bonuses...
  • It’s a great piece of software if you want to have a good sales letter at the end! Every piece is separated into tabs, so you won’t get confused and it’s like an instruction with you all the way. Want to have an eye-catching headline, sub headline, PS, bullets etc? no problem! This software does exactly what it says. Create your sales letter in a matter of minutes, no more wasting money on copywriters. I’m really happy with it.
    Mehdi Marani
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