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Mobiflux is the first ever Wordpress plugin that lets you capture & multiply your mobile traffic. It’s twin action system gives you the ultimate in traffic and lead generation no matter what you are marketing online. It not only capture and harness your
  • Put giveaways in secure mobile targeted lockers, giving your users access after they have driven the visitors you want.
  • Your interstitial ads show up filling the entire screen with your CTAs on mobile devices.
  • Your mobile banner ads & call to actions show up below or above your content just like mobile app ads on mobile devices.
  • Got only 10 daily visitors on your site? No problem! Mobiflux is designed to help smaller site owners and entrepreneurs boost their traffic and lead-gen.
  • "I love Mobiflux because it helps me get more traffic from Mobile visitors without disrupting my setup for desktop visitors. This is innovative, and I can see this bringing me a lot of free traffic in the coming days combined with the Mobiflux traffic multiplier. Must have for any marketer."
    Abhi Dwivedi
  • "Mobiflux makes my blogs instantly mobile-compatible. CTA buttons will work; Links are passed on. Clear optics, functional surface. A successful product. Clear recommendation."
    Uwe Echtirmann
  • "Excellent Idea Mobiflux I have been thinking about a tool like this for some time.. Mobiflux Would make my blogs / Affilliate sites instantly mobile compatible Being able to link to a greater Audience is Absolutely Brilliant and Welcomed Idea Cannot wait try it Keep up the Good Work Guys"
    Patricia Ballard
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