JVZoo Releases Another New Feature!

Following the recent releases of merchant accounts and custom landing pages for affiliates, we've just released another new feature that users have been asking for!

You can now customize the checkout page with your own banner at the top of the page! This allows you to streamline the checkout page to make it more similar to the sales page your customers have just clicked the buy button on. Little tweaks like this can make a big difference in conversions as the checkout flowis smoother. When a customer goes to a checkout page with the same banner/header as the sales page they were just on, it can create a deeper level of comfort and help save some of those who may abandon the checkout page. You simply upload your banner and we'll display it at the top of the checkout page.

Try Checkout Banners here

We've been working on a ton of features, so keep your eyes out as we'll be releasing even more very soon.

As always, we thank you for using JVZoo and we'll keep working to give you everything you need to make your business easier.

Your JVZoo Team

Great New Feature Just Released: Social Discounts!

A couple days ago we alerted you to some of the changes we've made to JVZoo over the past couple months. We also told you that we had some great things coming in terms of features and today we've released two of them!

First, you'll notice we've updated the checkout page. We had been looking at that page for the past few months and really wanted to make an improvement on it both visually as well as some things that can increase conversions for our vendors and affiliates. As you can see, the new page is much more eye appealing than the old one and also now has a place holder for a future feature which will be part of premium accounts.

What we're really excited about is the new Social Discount feature! Many people have asked for the ability to do coupon codes and that is coming, however we also got a lot of feedback from affiliates saying they hate it when people use coupon codes. Truth is, coupon codes actually hurt your checkout percentages because as soon as someone see's there's a coupon box, they immediately leave your checkout page and go looking for a code. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. So....

We looked back and tried to figure out a way to have something of a discount but also get the viral aspect of social media involved as well. What we came up with a few months ago, (took a while to get built) was what we're calling Social Discounts. On the new checkout page, the vendor now has the option to give an instant discount for someone sharing their purchase on their Facebook wall. So think about this as a vendor for a moment.

A buyer goes to check out, see's you're offering a $2.00 discount for them simply sharing on their wall that they're buying your product. Now, ALL their friends see that they purchased and give them an opportunity to see it for themselves. Now multiply that by 1000 people sharing they bought your product on their wall and think of the possibilities! That's a LOT of extra eyeballs!

We also wanted to make sure affiliates get credit for sending the traffic, so for affiliates benefit, the referring affiliates ID will also pass on to the social discount the buyer posts. This is potentially thousands of extra eyeballs on the offer with the referring affiliates ID attached to it. Doesn't get any better than that!

We've got more features coming soon, so keep an eye out for them.

Your JVZoo Team

Many Improvements and Integrations

Thursday, October 24th 2013

It's been a good while since we've alerted you to some updates, but that certainly means we haven't been constantly adding new things to make your experience the best it can be!

We've been hard at work bringing merchant accounts into place for the last few months and we're extremely close! We've already got beta testers in place who are beating on it to make sure it's ready to go to the general public. In the mean time, here's a few things you may or may not have noticed we've put into the system already.

Improved Delayed Commissions Page:

You can now see by affiliate, how many sales are owed them on this page. Previously you saw a list of payments outstanding that were sorted by date and not by affiliate. To make this easier, you can now see it both ways if you want. You can keep it on the default option which shows the amount of payments closest to the 60 day mark, or sort by affiliate so you can see exactly how many sales are owed to certain affiliates.

Sales Bracket Goes Up To 15K

We've had a few vendors cross the 5K units sold, so we've increased the numbers to make sure they stand out

SendReach Integration

Due to popular demand, we've now integrated the auto responder SendReach into JVZoo. You can also control your SendReach account as well as list names directly from inside JVZoo just as you can GetResponse. SendReach has some pretty cool features as far as how you can segment your lists and pull data. There's a reason a bunch of people were asking for the integration.

Manual Pay Added

We implemented a "manual pay" feature which allows you to now select certain affiliates to be paid out through Paypal mass pay after the 60 day period to pay through the system ends. This allows you the ability to use a "rolling reserve" so to speak if you wanted or to vet certain affiliates you may not have had the chance to work with yet. This was also the first and the biggest step needed to put merchant account functionality into place.

Ability to "Hard Code" Leads

Many people asked if we could provide a way to pass the affiliates ID on to the sales page in the URL so they could then "hard code" leads into their follow up procedures. You asked so we made it possible! The setting is now underneath the "sales page URL" field on the product edit screen.

Emails To JV's When Contract Is Edited

We had a few requests from JV partners to be notified when ever a JV contract that was previously set up was edited. Now anytime there is a contract in place and the vendor edits it, the JV partner/partners are all sent an email letting them know the original set up has been modified.

Instant Webinar Sign up Integration

One of the new unique features we added was the ability to attach a webinar to your product buys. Now you can automatically have people registered for a webinar who buy your product. The set up is extremely simple. All you do is add a GoToWebinar registration link to the webinar integration field and anyone who purchases your product is automatically registered for your webinar. Simple feature but a great addition.

There's much more to come, we're just getting started! Coming soon will be the completion of merchant accounts as well as what we're calling "premium" accounts. You'll be really impressed by what we've got in store for those.

As always, we appreciate all the feedback we receive from everyone. It helps us make decisions on what and how we should be adding things next. Keep them coming!

Your JVZoo Team

Improved GetResponse Integration

Saturday, May 11th 2013

Always trying to make things easier for our vendors, we have updated the single optin GetResponse integration we introduced a few months back.

All the setup and list creation can now be done on the product set up page. This is just an easier way to make sure that you:

1. Don't forget to create your list names inside JVZoo

2. Keep everything in the same place so you can check your entire setup from one page.

Also, we have built in the ability to save your API key and login email so you no longer have to go and look those up every time you wish to create a new campaign. Your details will already be pre-populated on the product set up page and you just need to enter in what the list name will be.

We've got more cool features coming very soon so keep an eye out!

New JVZoo Features and MORE Coming Soon..

Thursday, April 18th 2013

In our efforts to constantly improve JVZoo and make your experience even better, we're starting to roll out just a handful of the new features we've got coming. This is just the beginning of whats to come, but here's the short list of what has already been updated:

JV Contracts - JV partners can now see the setup for the JV contracts for which they are involved in under the "JV Contracts" tab located under the sellers tab. So if you want to double check that the set up is consistent with what you and your partners had agreed upon simply look under that tab and you will be able to double check that this is correct.

Very soon we will have JV reporting as well as notification when a change is made to an existing contract.

Vendor Email Notification - Vendors will now be notified through JVZoo when a preapproval payment cancels or fails. For those using recurring payments, this allows you to double check that those who have canceled no longer have access to your products.

Test Downloads - Vendors can now test download products as if they were the customer when a product as been uploaded to JVZoo for delivery. This makes sure your customers are getting the correct file and that everything is working properly.

Front End Product Filter - You can now search products which are in funnels by front end product only so see which one you would like to promote. Many products are in multiple funnels, so this allows you to choose which funnel it is you find fits your promotion the best.

Funnel Icon Added - You can now see which products are in funnels when searching for products to promote. There is a funnel icon which will distinguish if a product is being sold as a solo item or there are multiple items in the funnel.

Links In Internal Messages - Links in messages will now open in new windows so you do not have to hit the back button to navigate to the previous page.

Multiple internal updates for better speed and fine tuning were also completed.

These are just the first round of updates, there are many more coming in the coming weeks and we're extremely excited to get those out to you!

Thank you again for using JVZoo and we will keep working hard to make your experience here the best it can be.

Have a great day,
Your JVZoo Team

Faster Stats, Sale Notifications and more coming...

Tuesday, March 5th 2013

It's been a while since we've released any major new features, but rest assured they are coming very soon. We've got some things being released shortly that will not only give you a ton more flexibility but also payment options. More on that soon! While we're finalizing those, we wanted to give everyone some better functionality in what we already have in place to make your experience smoother.

First, we're giving people the option to turn off sales notifications. We understand that many love to get the emails letting them know they have received payments, but we also understand those emails can be overwhelming if you're moving a large number of units. So we've given you the ability to turn those notifications off if you would like. You will find the setting in My Account.

Second, we've drastically improved the sellers reports function for not only speed, but also the ability to search reports for "all time" stats. Many people have asked for this, but when you're trying to search data going back six months to a year, it can take quite a while. Not anymore! You can now pull your entire stats in mere seconds. This took a while to do as we had to rewrite the entire way we did reports, but you asked for it so we gave it to you.

Finally, the new and improved dashboard is back in place. We removed it for a couple weeks so we could finish up adjusting the reports for performance. We've completed that now and also improved the speed of the dashboard.

Be on the lookout for features to start rolling out regularly very soon. We don't want to give to much away as to what they are just yet, but it won't be long until you get another announcement that they're in place.

We thank you for using JVZoo and we'll continue to work hard to make your experience here the best you've had anywhere.

1st Year Birthday and Gift to You!

Saturday, December 1st 2012

Today is JVZoo.com's one year birthday!  In the last 12 months, we have displayed 25 million buy buttons, moved paid out almost $5 million to affiliates, and sold almost $10 million worth of your products to over 120,000 different buyers!

And the best is yet to come!  

In celebration of our anniversarry, we are making our new directory FREE for a limited time!

Do you have a service related to Internet marketering?  Is there something you can do for other marketers that will help build their business?

If so, JVZoo.com is inviting you to add your listing to our new directory of service providers.  This directory consists of many different categories, including website creation, affiliate recruitment, and graphic design.

Most successful online entreprenuers understand they cannot do it all themselves and many do not have a staff on hand.  That's where you come in.  By listing yourself in the JVZoo Provider Directory, you will be exposing yourself to a boatload of other business owners in need of a variety of services.

To kick things off, we are inviting you to list your business or service in the directory for a FREE 30 day listing.  This is a limited time invitation, so get your listing in the directory today!  We will be charging for this service very soon and there may not be any notice given prior to that change taking place.

To submit your listing, please click here: JVZoo Providers Directory

Sync Affiliates Acrosss Product and Funnels

Monday, November 19th 2012

Here is a quick new feature to help with people adding products to a sales funnel that is already in place and launched.

Now you can actually copy all affiliates from one product to another product without your affiliates having to request any future links. This is a variation of the "auto approve" feature where you approve someone for any and all your products, but now you are able to copy and approve affiliates from one product/funnel to the next one you set up without them having to request.

You can find this new feature at Sellers > Affiliate Options > Affiliate Sync

Easier Affiliate Management

Wednesday, November 14th 2012

It's new feature time here at JVZoo (assuming you all saw the redesign a few weeks ago) and once again we've done some things to make your experience not only better but also faster and easier.

We've removed the "funnel" button from the affiliate approval page as it was causing a few issues with vendors not approving affiliates for every product within the funnel. Now, you only need to select "instant" or "delayed" when approving affiliates and this will pay them instantly or delayed through your entire funnel. This makes it easier for vendors and affiliates as you only need to have them request one link instead of multiples should a vendor not approved an affiliate for the entire funnel.

As always, we have more great things coming. Keep an eye out as we have some big things coming!

Thank you for using JVZoo and for your feedback. We're always trying to make things better and easier for all our users.

JVZoo 3.0!

Friday, August 31st 2012

JVZoo 3.0 - Includes Unlimited Sales Funnels, JV Contracts, Full Product Flexibility, WishList integration and tons more

JVZoo has just rolled what we are calling JVZoo 3.0! This release has tons of new features that is going to give you as the vendor a TON of flexibility to play with!

Unlimited Sales Funnels

You now have the ability to set up complete sales funnels that can run in a ton of different directions with unlimited products. You can have as many upsells and downsells as you would like within your funnels. Simply select a frontend product and build your funnel by the drop box system we now have in place. We've also put a visual aid in the funnel system for you so you can see exactly what your sales funnel will look like.

Also, with the integration of "smart" buttons, JVZoo now can tell which funnel a product sale came from and will automatically adjust your buttons to point to the next

destination. Put in plain English, you can use the same product in multiple funnels and only have to use one button!

Check out the video to see just how to set it all up: Sales Funnels

JV Contracts and Affiliate Manager System

We have just implemented something that a lot of people have been really pushing for. While we had JV functionality prior, we wanted to step it up a bit with what you

could actually do with it other than just profit share. We have certainly done that now!

The new JV contracts will allow you to set up special links for your JV's or partners and not only pay them for recruitment, you now have complete control over how

much and how long they get paid for. You can decide to pay your JV's by price point or by percentage. You can also decide for how long you want to pay them, how

many sales you want to pay them for or even up to a total amount they can be paid. This gives you HUGE functionality when it comes to setting up and working deals

with your JV's.

Check out the video to see how to set these contracts up: JV Contracts

Ultimate Product Flexibility

Due to many requests to be able to have the recurring payment or dime sale functionality on vendor OTO's without having to "chain" them together, we've made it

happen. You now have the ability to have full product functionality on any product in your funnel. Now that each product is set up as a separate product, you can

choose any product in your funnel to be a dime sale or recurring product. You can also now adjust commissions on any product you wish for individual affiliates on all

products. These changes allow for a much easier set up and much more flexibility in the options you have when creating partnerships with others. You can now setup JV contracts just for an OTO or have different JVs for the front end and back end products. Also each product has it autoresponder integration.

WishList Integration

This one has taken a very long time but it is finally here. The best part is you don't have to get a new or special version of WishList. We worked hard and made our system work with their to eliminate upgrading problems for you. We have full instructions posted on our support site here: WishList Integration

This update includes tons of performance tweaks, usability enhancements and improvements to make using JVZoo that much easier. We will be release more updates and additional information on other features and tweaks as the dust settles.

Three New Features Just Released On JVZoo!

Tuesday, July 23rd 2012

We've been working on a ton of new features for the last couple of months and we're starting to roll them out! Here is a video of the new features.

Today, we're introducing the first three new features on the list of many and we're pretty sure you're going to put them to good use.

The first feature is Notifications. We've had countless people request to have automatic notifications send out every time they release a new product, so we made it happen. But, we put a little twist on it.

We've given the vendors the opportunity to control the time the notifications go out by pushing the "send notifications" button located on your sellers dashboard. So if a vendor wants to hit their own list first prior to the notifications going out, then they will have the opportunity to do so.

Who goes on the notification list? Anyone who has purchased a vendors product in the past or present, as well as any affiliates who have signed up to receive notifications of new product releases from a particular vendor from the vendor's author page.

This brings us to new feature number two which is Vendor Pages.

The new Vendor Pages are a way for each vendor to give themselves a "profile" page that potential affiliates, buyers or just browsers can learn a bit more about who a vendor is. This page is HTML compatible so you can make yourself look as professional as you would like. It will also hold the registration button where affiliates can be notified of new product releases by a particular vendor. Vendors can now send affiliates to this page to get them to subscribe to their product release feed.

Also, this page will also show all the current products you have listed with JVZoo as well. This page is very similar to the social media profiles vendors are accustomed to creating.

The third new feature is the Affiliate Request process. We've had a lot of vendors ask us to make a few adjustments in the process and we've made it happen.

Vendors can now create rules and requests from inside their product set up which affiliates will now have to follow in order to request your product. Mainly, affiliates using automated programs used to circumvent the process will no longer have that ability. Internal pages now point to the request page where the "rules" or "requests" set up by the vendor are located where as before, the internal pages by-passed this.

We've got a lot more features coming, including a complete sight wide redesign. Exciting times are very close and we know you're going to love some of the things we have planned.

Affiliate Bonus Delivery System Has Arrived!

Tuesday, May 15th 2012

Over the last month or so, we've had a lot of great ideas and requests made from those using JVZoo. One of the top ones we wanted to add right away was and affiliate bonus system! With so many affiliates today giving away bonuses, we figured why shouldn't we make it hands off for you.

Now, when you promote a product through JVZoo, we will also deliver your bonus for you, completely hands off to you! All you need to do is simply enter your URL of where your bonus is, or upload the bonus file to our servers and when someone goes through your link and purchases, their bonus from you will be waiting for them on the receipt.

There are two ways you can add a bonus. One is by going to your approved products page and clicking on the blue "add bonus" button or you can get direct access to the bonus delivery page by going to the "Affiliate Bonuses" link located under the "Affiliates" tab. Simply select the product you wish to attach a bonus to, decide if you want to upload it or use a delivery page and you're good to go.

We've got more features coming soon, so keep an eye out for them.

Two Big Features Added To JVZoo today that we know will please users!

Wednesday, Apr 11rd 2012

First, we fixed up the "Find Products" page to make it more user friendly! There is now paging so the load time will be three times as fast as it was before.

Second, you can now search and sort the entire "find products" page by what ever you want and especially WSO's.

To search for just WSO's that have been released on JVZoo, simply go to https://www.jvzoo.com/affiliates/findproducts and select "WSO" from the filter drop box located on the right side.

We have also allowed you to know search by vendor name as well. You can do this by simply putting the vendors name in the "search" field located on the right side of the page and you will then see all the products created by that particular vendor.

These two changes add so much better functionality and user experience to the "Find Products" page and will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for to promote.

The second feature we have added is the ability to ban affiliates. You now have the ability to ban affiliates from promoting your products should you have had an issue with them in the past. Once you have banned an affiliate, they will be notified that they are no longer allowed to promote your product through email.

As always, thanks for being a part of JVZoo! We'll keep the features coming to make sure you have the best possible experience on the platform.

Big New Features Implemented - You Asked And We Delivered

Tuesday, Apr 3rd 2012

We've just implemented some big user ability changes on JVZoo that people have been asking for, so here's what we've got for you.

First thing, we redesigned the "Product Library" for people coming to the site that are not affiliates. They can now see the categories and how many products are in each. This way if they are looking for something specific, they can find it right away.

Next we added paging, searching, sorting, filtering and mass updates to the "Affiliates Requests" page. You can now mass sort, mass approve affiliates all at one time instead of having to do search and change one at a time.

We also added the same functionality to the "Your Affiliates" page. So if you have someone you have set on delayed payments and are now comfortable with them as an affiliate, you can go in and switch them to "Auto Approve For All" instead of them having to request another product before the change can be made. You can also "mass" approve affiliates for instant, delayed or all approved on this page now.

You can now "archive" (aka delete) products from your "Sellers Dashboard" as well which will essentially delete them from your dashboard should you no longer be selling them.

You can now "search" affiliates across the network and set them to auto approve for your products even before they have requested to promote them. If you know someone you'd like to have promote, simply type in their name on the search field on the AutoApproved Affiliates page and you can add them.

Finally, we have implemented a "test sale" feature which allows you to test a transaction to make sure that your sales funnel set up is functioning properly before you open it up to the masses. If you scroll to the bottom of the sellers dashboard page, you can set up a test purchase. Make sure you do the test purchase from a PayPal account that is NOT the one taking the payments for the product.

More big features are also in, but still being tested. Included in those is the JVZoo IPN system which will allow you to integrate with any software or membership site that can integrate with Clickbank and Digiresults.

Keep your eyes open as we'll be releasing more features in the coming weeks that you're going to love! Thanks again for being a part of JVZoo! We'll keep the features coming to make your marketing easier

Automated WSO Failover System

Thursday, Mar 22nd 2012

JVZoo has just added a new feature for those of you that sell on the Warrior Forum.

As we all know, the Warrrior Forum has a bad habit of going down without notice. Many of us have launched a WSO or mailed for another seller's WSO, only to find that the Warrior Forum was down. How many thousands of clicks were lost? It can be devastating!

Now, you have a backup plan! JVZoo is now allowing WSO sellers to add a backup sales page URL that automatically switches to your default sales page if the Warrior Forum goes down.


JVZoo's new system checks to see if the Warrior Forum is up and running every few seconds. If it is down, your backup URL kicks into gear. That means all of the affiliate links will now point to your backup!

Setup is super easy too! Simply copy your WSO thread and paste it into a new thread at http://www.jvzooforums.com/special-offers/. You can copy and pase using the WYSIWYG editor or copy and paste the source code (BBC Code) of your WSO thread using our Source Code editor. Either way works like a charm!

Once you make the post, a moderator will review and approve it. You will receive a private message in the JVZoo Forums alerting you that your post has been approved. Once it is approved, go to your post and copy the URL of your new post. Then, log in to JVZoo and edit your product's settings. There is a new field labeled "WF Backup Sales Page URL". Paste your backup URL there and click the save button.

That's all there is to it!

JVZoo Launches Recurring Payments AND Trials!

Monday, Mar 5th 2012

It's been a long time coming, but what everyone has been asking for as finally arrived! We are pleased to announce that we have now integrated recurring subscription payments into JVZoo!

In typical JVZoo style, we didn't just stop at subscriptions, we gave you choices when it comes to how you want to use them. You now have the ability to create "trial" offers that will allow your customers to "try" your product for a set number of days and then pay the remainder at a later date.

You can also set up a trial offer that will allow them to test your membership site for a set amount of days and then pay a recurring price every month after. If you don't have a use for a trial, then you can just set up a regular subscription for your membership sites.

We have also given you the ability to adjust the way you make the payments to affiliates for these subscriptions as well. You can now give your affiliates a higher percentage of the first sale and then a lower percentage of the recurring should you like or you can set it the same across the board. You can also set the percentage of the trial payment you would like to go to affiliates as well and THEN set the percentages for the other payments.

We have worked hard to give you a ton of different options that you can use to mix and match how you would like to use the new features. We know you've been waiting patiently, so the extra functionality we've given you with these is our way of saying thank you!

We've got more great features on the way including a notification system and others. Thanks for being a part of JVZoo and keep an eye out for more great features coming your way.

Brand New Messaging System Implemented

Sunday, Feb 26th 2012

We have received many requests from members that they would like to be able to send potential affiliates as well as other vendors. This could be for reasons such as asking affiliates certain questions before approving them to promote or simply contacting vendors for potential JV opportunitites. We're happy to announce that as of today you now have the ability to do so. All messages are threaded and let you know when you have an unread message as well as telling if the person you sent the message to has read it.

All messages will stay in your inbox for 14 days and then be automatically deleted. If there is a conversation you wish to keep track of, we suggest that you copy it and save it to your computer. To send a message to someone, simply click the yellow envelope icon located next to their names. We've made it as easy as possible for you.

In other news, JVZoo has just created a forum for all members, affiliates and potential new members. This will act as a central place to allow everyone to recruit new affiliates, qualify exisiting ones and build a community. All the training videos are there as well as many of the F.A.Q's about JVZoo. Take advantage of this by joining here JVZoo Forums

Stay tuned for more great features yet to come...

Delayed Payments and Auto Approve Trusted Affiliates Released!

Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2012

As we're always out to bring you the best experience for your business, we have just released two major features that we believe will make a big difference for vendors and affiliates.

First is the delayed payment feature. We built this one for pure security on the network as a way to allow vendors to delay payments to affiliates that they may not know or have ever done business with before. One can never be to careful and this is just another way to add a layer of security.

Vendors can now select to pay affilaites instantly or delay their payments up to 60 days. You simply select which option you would like in the affiliate approval area as to how you would like to pay each affiliate. The good part is this can be changed at any time allowing you to test an affiliate first to see if they are who they say they are with delayed and then switch them to instant after that trust has been established.

We also now show you the name, country and email address of the affiliate requesting to promote your products as well as send you an email with the affiliate's email address in it so you may contact them. We STRONGLY suggest you be dilligent and not approve anyone you have not had some sort

of contact with. Affiliates who won't take the time to respond to an email with a question or two in it usually arent' worth it anyway.

You have complete control of when you pay the affiliates by processing the transactions through your JVZoo account. Each one will tell you how many days it has been since the initial transaction took place. Simply check the ones you want to process and click the button and they will be processed. Great new feature and a great level of security.

The second new feature is a "approve for all" products feature. A lot of people have been asking for this so we made it happen for you! You can now set your trusted affiliates to "approve for all" which will then allow them to not have to request any of your products, they will simply be auto approved. They will also be set to instant commissions as well. Be smart here and only give this level of access to those you know and trust.

To activate it, all you need to do is click on the green "approve for all" button located on the "your affiliates" link under the sellers tab. Your trusted affilaites will be very happy about this one!

We'll keep bringing you more and more features that make your experience the best if can be. Thanks again for being a part of JVZoo!

New Sales Funnel and Pre-Launch Integration Complete

Monday, Jan 16th 2012

We've been working on this option for quite a while and we're happy to tell you it's FINISHED!

There have been many requests to allow vendors the ability to use a "pre-launch" or "sales funnel" type set up where they could have their affiliates send traffic to a squeeze page or just a pre-launch page that would still cookie the traffic to the affiliates. We've been working hard to implement this feature and it is now in place for all to use.

There are two different features within the system to give you some choices on how you'd like to use it.

The first is a launch "date and time" feature which will allow you to to have your affiliates send traffic to what ever page you would like before your product actually goes live for sale. This could be as simple as a landing page or a squeeze page, but both would still cookie the traffic to the affiliate that sent them there. Once your set date and time has arrived, you can have the traffic automatically sent to the sales page instead of the pre-launch page without any different links needed to be sent by your affiliates. This is a great way to build some buzz around your launch.

You can also elect to have the traffic continue to be sent to the pre-launch page even after your selected date and time has arrived should you choose to do so. This is completely controlable by the vendor.

Should you not wish to use a date and time in the future, it will already be set to the current date and time and your product will be live as soon as you save it.

The second feature is the ability to not use a future date and time, but still use the sales funnel integration part. Simply add the url you wish to have your affiliates send the traffic to in the Landing Page/ Sales Funnel/ Squeeze Page/ Prelaunch field and all affiliate links will be sent to that page first at the same time as crediting the affiliate with the sent traffic.

This is again completely controlable by the vendor should they ever wish to stop sending traffic to the pre-launch page, simply delete the url in that field and your traffic will automatically be sent straight to the sales page.

Just another great feature asked for and brought to you by the JVZoo Team. Hope you enjoy it! You can see a video walking you through the steps here:

We're Giving Away $6500.00 In The Last 15 Days In January!!

Sunday, Jan 15th 2012

To ring in the first month of 2012, we decided to hold one of the biggest affiliate contests for an affiliate platform ever done. We're not only going to be giving out $5000.00 for the contest, but we're also going to be giving out $100.00 a day to the top affiliate each day the contest is taking place!

The contest will run from January 15th through Jan 31. All you need to enter the contest is a JVZoo account! The top 20 affiliates over those 15 days will split up the $5000.00 simply for doing what they already do anyway...PROMOTING! This isn't your normal affiliate contest however where everyone is going to promote one product. This is a network wide contest that will include any products listed on the JVZoo network. You are free to promote anything you would like in the network and have it count towards your total.

We will have a real time live leader board so that all affiliates will know exactly where the stand. We will also show the top promoted products from each affiliate. What it takes to win the contest is easy. Simply promote promote promote ANY of the products inside the JVZoo network.

More information on the contest can be found here: https://www.jvzoo.com/contest

3 Tier Black List Feature - You Asked For It And We Gave It To You

Thursday, Jan 12th 2012

One thing that many people have been screaming for is a multi level blacklist feature. As far as we know, JVZoo is the first platform to actually give it to you!

The Black List works three different ways, with vendors having complete control of two of them. The third is controlled by JVZoo and will definitely be used if and when necessary.

The first level allows vendors to blacklist those who they have decided they'd no longer like to do business with. There are many different reasons why a vendor may decide to black list a buyer, but the most common is because of refunds. As a vendor, to use this feature you simply go to the "My Account" and click on the "Buyer's Blacklist" link.

Simply enter in the Paypal email addresses that you no longer wish to allow to purchase your products, and our system will block them from purchasing your products. Pretty simple to do and takes only seconds.

The second level is what we call the "Peer Network" blacklist. This allows you to leverage the blacklist of all other JVZoo vendors.

You start by clicking the "click to setup" link. Once there you can enter in a number of your choosing. Let's say you choose the number 3 for this example. What this will do is block any buyers that have been blacklisted by 3 or more JVZoo vendors from purchasing your products. This is another way to protect yourself from potential serial refunders that you may not be aware of simply by leveraging the knowledge of the other JVZoo vendors blacklists. Very powerful!

The third level is controled completely by JVZoo and is a "Global" blacklist. This means that if we begin to recognize buyers that are constantly asking for refunds without a good reason, we can blacklist them from buying anything from anyone on the network. We really hope we don't ever have to use this feature, but we certainly will if we deem it necessary.

You can see a video walking you through these steps and what the blacklist feature looks like here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Na-iFUfNqIw

New JVZoo Admanager Plugin Released

Thursday, Jan 5th 2012

Recently we were thinking of how we could help out our affiliates who might not have the large lists that others do, but still wanted a way to make some nice commissions from the products inside JVZoo's market. What we came up with does exactly that, but it also takes it one step further!

With the release of the JVZoo Admanager Plugin, anyone can now instantly add a "Market Feed" to their blog. The plugin allows you to pull down the titles and links of the products you select from JVZoo's market place and place them anywhere on your blog you would like with your affiliate link pre-attached.

You can place the feed above the header, above the post, below the post or in the footer. You can also put the feed in the side bar of your blog by simply using the JVZoo Admanager widget that is pre-built into the plugin as well. While we are certainly pleased with what the plugin does, we wanted to do something more for those who use it...so we did.

Each plugin automatically attaches your referral link to the JVZoo logo that displays on the feed. People who see your feed and are curious as to what JVZoo looks like or is, now click on that logo and sign up. Those signups are YOUR referrals and you get paid 10cents for each sale they make as an affiliate. Very nice right? We took it one step further as well!

We gave each member of JVZoo the ability to download and give away their own personally branded plugin that has their referral link hardcoded into it. You can download yours at: https://www.jvzoo.com/myaccount/admanager

This allows you to give the plugin away to anyone or anywhere you would like. Inside the plugin is again your referral link. People must have a JVZoo account before the plugin will work, so when they go through your link in the plugin, you now get the credit for them as a referral. Just another way JVZoo try's to put as much money in your pocket as we can.