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Welcome to the Best Make Money Online Affiliate Program

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If Joe becomes a Paid Member of this site under your referral/affiliate link, you will immediately make $24.50 every single month for 3 years until Joe decides to cancel his subscription/membership.

Affiliate Program FAQ

How much exactly will I make as an affiliate? You will make $24.50 MONTHLY off each person you refer that becomes a paid member of this site through your affiliate link. If your referral keeps his/her membership for 3 Years, you will get paid $24.50 monthly for 3 Years max. 1000 active subscriptions/Referrals a month = $24 500 in Monthly Income/Commission(s)

How will i get paid? You will get paid through Paypal/JV ZOO INSTANTLY upon every sale/paid member subscription.

When will i get paid? You will get paid IMMEDIATELY when you refer a sale/subscription. Yes! INSTANT GUARANTEED COMMISSIONS directly to your Paypal Account! (Please do not try to cheat our systems to maximize your profits, we've seen all kinds of Gimmicks and we take FRAUD VERY SERIOUSLY) It's 2013 by the way and we are 10 Steps ahead of Fraudsters. Do not RISK YOUR AFFILIATE ACCOUNT and the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY To Make a Residual Income! *Anyone caught for Fraud will be Immediately be terminated as an affiliate with or without a notice.

To get your affiliate link, you will first need to sign up with JV Zoo(100% FREE). Click here to sign up

- go to the site Above(link)
- click on 'register' on the top right of the page
- fill your details etc

After you have signed up at JV ZOO Aboveclick here to get your affiliate link.

Where can i see my commissions etc? Login into your JV Zoo account, you will see it there IMMEDIATELY...

Can i see the number of clicks i have referred here so i know that everything is "TRACK-ABLE" and my Efforts are not being Wasted? Absolutely!!! Login into your JV Zoo account, you will see EVERYTHING in there IMMEDIATELY.

Can i join to be a Paid Member under my own affiliate link? No you may Not! Your commission will not be valid in such cases.