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Derek PierceWho is Derek Pierce?

I got my start as an affiliate marketer...

When I began, I started with over $100,000 in credit card debt and used affiliate SEO to dig my way out and build a thriving online business.

This eventually led to selling my own products primarily SEO training, affiliate marketing training, as well as my suite of SEO tools.

What are Derek Pierce's Products?

Currently, I have several products available.

Here's just a few to mention.


  • SEO Black Ops Elite - This is an advanced SEO training program that takes you through the SEO process from start to finish over the course of 6 weeks.
  • Rank Gold - This is the leading Private Blog Network software for managing your PBN.  Using this software, I'm able to build out an entire linking campaign across my PBN's in minutes.
  • Derek Pierce's Inner Circle - This is your opportunity to learn some of my most advanced traffic getting tactics that you can copy for your own busines and for your clients.
  • Rebuild Aged Domains - This is the software that allows you to rebuild aged and expired domains within Wordpress in 90 seconds or less.

A Little About Derek Pierce

Currently, Derek lives in Muscle Shoals, Alabama with his wife and son along with their pups.

If you'd like to learn more about Derek, here's the resources you need -


Products from derek pierce
Borrowed Authority Method - BAM is a complete system for ranking without buying domains, without a lot of content, and without stressing about complex SEO.
Free PBN Method - Free PBN Method
Rebuild Aged Domains System - Rebuild Aged Domains System - New Wordpress Plugin rebuilds aged domain inner pages in minutes. Plus 4 step system for buying aged domains.